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Women's Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel was born in the western suburbs of Paris to a Romanian father and a Russian mother. Her signature knitwear gave her almost instant fame among the classy Parisian types who loved her chic, playful knits. Rykiel is known for her offbeat, witty style that has a touch of fun behind it. Sonia Rykiel created her unique style that is famous around the world, the designs are mainly include stripes, strass (rhinestones), lace, and sweaters embossed with written messages. Sonia Rykiel group is composed of several labels which include: SONIA RYKIEL, offers ready to wear, accessories and shoes, SONIA BY SONIA RYKIEL, offers a modern ready to wear collections and RYKIEL ENFANT offers kids wear.

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