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Trastevere Brief

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Fine Italian Leather Trastevere Brief

Trastevere Brief comes in two colors - Vecchio Brown and Black. The interior is big enough to hold a laptop, files, a newspaper, and notebooks. It is divided into five compartments for easy organization. The top swings open for easy access to all of your files and has a locking buckle strap to secure it.

Trastevere Brief is handmade in Tuscany using Italian polished calf-skin leather and old world craft methods. The result is a timeless and simple briefcase with unquestionable quality and durability.

Trastevere Features:

11" high x 5" wide x 16" long

Italian Polished Calf-Skin Leather

Detachable Shoulder Strap

Five Separate Compartments for Organization

Smart Stripe Interior