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Keep Watch for Timeless Fashion Accessories
Over the years, the way we use watches has changed significantly. From keeping the time to mere accessories, they have evolved and become a part of luxury fashion. Every fashion conscious woman spends considerable time choosing the right watch. Whether you are a fan of pieces from Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and Coach or you love the modern day chunky men’s watches, one staple piece will complete your look every single time. A Rolex is a must-have if you are a sucker for vintage watches. White-gold, rose-gold, stainless steel and silver watches are hot properties. You can even pick up ones with leather straps or chunky faces. Diamond studded and ruby studded varieties add flare and a little attitude to your strut. Wear them with bracelets, cuffs or use them as a separate fashion accessory for a timeless style.
Keep Watch for Timeless Fashion Accessories
Image Credit - andersphoto
new york mini monterey glitz bracelet watch, 24mm
Brooks Brothers
Round White Face Watch with Nylon Band
What Goes Around Comes Around
Chanel Premiere Watch (Previously Owned)
Giuliano Mazzuoli
Manometro Watch
Eberhard & Co.
Gilda Acciaio
Eberhard & Co.
Extra Fort Chrono Watch