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5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for the Winters
By Modalist Editor
It’s the season of strong chilly winds and decreased daylight. You have to be well prepared to fight the harsh cold. However, you need not compromise on your style with those bulky clothes. You can still look like a million bucks provided you know the right accessories that will complement with any outfit you wear during this season. Stay cozy and warm even during the harshest winters with these fashionable accessories.
Winter Boots
With lots of snow around, you will need winter boots which will keep your feet from getting cold and wet. Waterproof boots work the best. It's better to get boots which are more than ankle-length.
Black Winter Boots to Tread the Snow with Ease
Statement Earrings
When you are all bundled up in scarves and hats, it is practically impossible to see any jewelry you are wearing. But if you simply cannot do without any jewelry piece, you can wear something which is practical as well as fashionable. A pair of statement earrings will be visible even if you are draped in scarves or stoles.
Statement Earrings for That Added Shine
With temperatures going sub-zero, you will have to protect your head from feeling the chill. Hats and caps will be there, but to keep yourself warm, beanies are the best option. Cashmere beanies can work wonders in protecting you from the winters and at the same time increases your style factor. A colorful beanie is the right choice.
Black Pom Pom Beanie to Keep you Warm
The most reliable accessory which will keep you company all the winter is your watch. Regardless of your outfit, if a watch graces your wrist, you will have an added fashion advantage. Look smart and stylish with a varied collection of watches. Change as per your mood and outfit and you are all set.
A Watch to Make A Style Statement
Knit scarves with the right color combination can look glamorous. You can drape them and change your look in an instant. While silk scarves look the best, woollen scarves are more practical in this chill. Cashmere scarves will be more comfortable to wear.
Printed Scarf For Style and Comfort