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5 Styles of Earrings to Dazzle at Christmas Parties
By Modalist Editor
Christmas parties mean lot of glitz and glamor. You would not want to be left behind in the fashion game by dressing up shabbily. Just wearing the best gowns or dresses won’t be enough. You have to wear the right jewelry to add a glam touch to your entire outfit. Earrings define your look. A gown will look even more elegant when you wear the perfect set of earrings. Whether your ears are pierced or not, you can wear beautiful earrings and look gorgeous. Here are the different styles of earrings which are perfect for any party.
Ear Cuffs
Ear cuffs give definition to the entire area, instead of just the lobe. The glam factor is really high when you put on a pair of ear cuffs with your outfit. You can also wear a single one and make a bold statement. Wear a pair or a single one with a gown and become the cynosure of all eyes.
Ear Cuffs to Add to The Glitz
Drop Earrings
If you prefer something with a bit of a length, drop earrings are the perfect choice. As they sway with each step you take, you make a fashion statement which others will look up to. Big earrings are hot this season and parties are just an excuse to wear them.
Drop Earrings for Making a Fashion Statement
Chandelier Earrings
If you want people to give more attention to your accessories than your outfit, then you should opt for chandelier earrings. Select festive colors like gold or go for crystal earrings to add some drama to your look.
Chandelier Earrings to Add Drama to Your Look
Hoop Earrings
For a fun and flirty look, hoop earrings are the best choice. Wear a short dress, pair it up with a jacket and don a pair of hoop earrings to complete the look. If you want, you can also wear these earrings with your favorite jeans, gown or maxi dress.
Hoop Earrings for that Fun and Flirty Look
Clip On Earrings
For those who do not have their ears pierced but want to wear earrings, clip ons are the best solution. You can uplift your face and improve your outfit with these clip on earrings. Choose the perfect pair depending on the outfit you are going to wear to the Christmas party.
Style for the Non-Pierced Ears with Clip On Earrings