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5 Tips to Layer Up Like a Pro This Winter
By Modalist Editor
The chill is back and it’s time to bring back those layers. But just because it's winter, you don’t have to forego your style statement. You can still make heads turn by dressing a bit creatively. Layering is a mix of science and art. You should have the aesthetic sense and also know about the length of the outfits that you are going to wear over one another. The most important thing to look like a diva, even with all those layers on, is to have oodles of confidence. Bring a change in your attitude and see a change in your style.
Get the Proportions Right
When you are layering up, you should make it a point to get the proportions right. For instance, if you are wearing a long coat over a long dress, it’s better if the hem of the coat does not cross the hem of the dress, unless it is touching the ground. For short dresses, a long coat can cross its hem.
A Grey Coat layered on a Grey Sweater Dress
Combine Light and Heavy
While layering up, there should be a change in the texture. Do not layer outfits which are both heavy. Light and bulky should be the right combination. For instance, layer up a woolen coat over a silk blouse or top.
A Woolen Checkered Long Coat with White Silk Top and Jeans
Cropping it Up
Pair a cropped sweater over a button up so that you can layer up like a pro. You can fight those winter blues with the cropped sweater. The button up makes up for the short height of the sweater, thereby keeping you warm and stylish. If you still feel cold, you can always add another layer with a long coat.
A Black Cropped Sweater with White Button Up and Black Denim
Layering Up with Scarf
Whenever you are in a doubt as to what to wear during winters or how to layer up properly, go for scarves. They will never let you down. You can skip your necklaces and layer up with scarves in different ways. Wrap it round your neck or drape it over your shoulders or choose any other style, you have a lot of option in your hand to look stylish.
A Patterned Scarf over a Red Oversized Sweater
Keep The Color Intact
When you are confused about the choice of colors for the layers you are going to add to your outfit, you can play safe and start with one basic color. As you layer up, try and maintain the family of color. For instance, if you are using neutrals, go for neutrals.
A Neutral Colored Coat Paired with Similar Colored Woollen Scarf