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5 Winter Boots For A Day to Night Style
By Modalist Editor
Boots are an important part of winter fashion. If you do not own a pair of stylish boots, you are automatically behind others in the fashion race. This winter, you can buy different styles of winter boots which will keep your feet warm and also increase your style statement by a few notches. You can wear these boots or booties and change your look in an instant from a day style to a night one. Put your fashion foot forward with these stylish pair of winter boots.
Stiletto Boots
Stiletto boots will add more grace and personality to your walk. You can look your stylish best in these boots even if you are layered up in coats and jackets. Wear them with jeans, skirts or even dresses and be the center of attention.
Walk High in Stiletto Boots
Metallic Boots
Add some shine to a dull winter day with metallic boots. You can go for a party or a day out in a pair of metallic boots and see heads turn your way. From lace-up booties to peep-toes to cowboy boots, the choice is huge.
Shine with Metallic Boots
Winter Boots
If you are planning to play in the snow or have to trod through snow covered paths, it's better to wear well equipped shoes. Purchase caribou boots, carnival boots and other winter boots which are especially designed for the snow and will give you style and comfort at the same time.
Trod the Snow in Winter Boots
Over the Knee Boots
Over the knee boots let you wear short skirts and dresses by keeping your legs covered and warm. They make for a bold style statement and are also high on the comfort factor. If you have it in you to go bold, over the knee boots are perfect for you.
Be on Trend with Over the Knee Boots