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6 Different Styles of Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans
By Modalist Editor

It is a given fact that every fashionista has to keep some place separately in her wardrobe for her collection of skinny jeans. However, most of the times, you might be having a dilemma while finding the right pair of shoes to match with your favorite jeans. You can change your shoe style depending on the occasion. A sneaker will give you a casual look, whereas a strappy heel might glam up your look. You can change your look in an instant just by changing your shoes. The same pair of jeans will look different with the shoes you wear.

Strappy Heels
In mood for some glam and sexy look? Just put on your pair of strappy heels with your skinny jeans and make heads turn. You can either don a pair of black shoes or opt for bright and bold colors, all depending on your choice. Avoid shiny fabrics which look cheap.
Nude Strappy Heels
If you are looking for some comfort instead of style, sneakers is your go-to solution. Wear it with your skinny jeans and go for a casual day out in a relaxed manner. You can also hang out with your friends or go for a casual date with your sneakers on
White Sneakers
If we are talking about comfort, espadrilles come right after sneakers. You just have to put in your feet in these easy-to-wear shoes and you are ready to go. Move around comfortably and in style by pairing your skinny jeans with espadrilles.
Black Espadrilles
Flat Sandals
If you are comfortable wearing flat sandals, you can always pair them up with skinny jeans and go out for a casual time out after work. You can also wear them to a Sunday brunch. Bright colors will look better.
Silver Flat Sandals
Ankle Boots
Ankle boots can be worn at any time of the year, as they are always in style. You can wear them in bold colors or opt for white or black ones. Make sure the fit of your jeans ends where it is just over the top of your boot.
Suede Ankle Boots
Had enough of casual look? Want to dress up a little? Try pairing your skinny jeans with pumps. They will change the look in an instant. You can go for basic colors if you don’t want to go overboard. However, if you are in the mood to show off, don a pair of pumps in bold colors.
Red Pumps