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A Puffer Coat for Every Outfit
By Modalist Editor

The snow storms across the world may be revealing the holes in your cold weather wardrobe. This season offers many stylish and fashionable coats, but finding a warm enough one so far may have been a challenge.  Lucky for you, the puffer coat is back in style and will give you all the insulation you’ve ever wanted. Designers are really feeling this staple right now, so there are many trendy, high fashion styles of puffer coats to be on the look out for!


The first thing you think of when you envision a puffer coat is probably its purpose: warmth. The most stylish puffer coat with the highest functionality is parka-inspired. When you want to keep things remarkably casual, not to mention warm, a parka-inspired puffer is a great choice. Between the longer length, big hood, and full pockets, you'll feel like you're still cozy on your couch. You can go with a classic black or neutral colored puffer, or step up your style game with a flashier, metallic look for nights under the big city lights. 

Parka-Inspired Coat Fashion
Image Credit - Nata Sha
Uncommon Fabrics

If you’ve been following the recent fashion trends, you know that the hottest items have been based on unique fabrics; it’s no surprise that the fabric choices are making puffer coats desirable now! From pleather to velour and tweed, there are a lot of fun, unconventional fabrics beautifying puffer coats this season. We have seen stars rocking denim-like puffer coats for a different, eccentric way to do denim in freezing weather.

Flashy Fabrics for Fashion Forward Women
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Royal Colors
Puffer coats that have been seen in royal colors have been making a statement this season. From Burberry to Gucci, puffer coats have been seen in multiple jewel tones to really brighten up your look.  Of course, one bold colored coat is just as trendy. Strong colored puffer coats look good over nearly any outfit or occasion. From your work attire, to over your gym sweats, a puffer coat is guaranteed to add to a casual look or add character to your closet.
Royal Color Coat Trends
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Dual Purpose Puffer

If you live in a slightly warmer climate and don’t need serious insulation from your puffer coat, or you prefer the flexibility of wearing layers over or under your coat, you have options too! There are a variety of down shirt jackets or thinner puffers that allow you to do just that! These layer-friendly puffer coats will keep you exceptionally warm when you need them too, but will also transition and function well when we roll into spring!

Dual Purpose Puffer
Image Credit - FashionStock.com