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Beat the Work Blues with Fashionable Dressing
By Modalist Editor
Holiday season has begun. After Thanksgiving Day, many of you might be feeling the blues about going back to your work desks. The only thing you can do to beat the work blues is to dress up in your fashionable best. Get the basic work-wardrobe essentials and mix and match to create looks which will make your coworkers jealous of you. So, get those fashion mills running and see how you can turn your boring workday into a lively and stylish one. Here are some fashion tips to give your work style a much needed boost this winter.

Get The Essentials Right
The basics have to be covered first if you want to get a standard office look. It is up to you to change the standard look into a stylish one with your fashion sense. Blazers, midi skirts, button-downs, pumps, long dresses and trousers are some of the essentials for a work wardrobe.

Keep The Trend in Mind
You can mix and match the basic outfits or create your own look based on the ongoing trend. For instance, velvet is the trendy material for this season. Get yourself a velvet blazer and pair it up with a straight fit trouser and you are good to go.

Have Some Ideas Handy
You can collect some office fashion ideas from different fashion sites or magazines. You can put those fashion ideas to use or create your own look. Use the essentials along with the season’s trend to stand out from the crowd. Set up some serious fashion goals for others to follow.
Look 1: Sweaters, Trousers and Pumps
Stylish in a Sweater
Look 2: Midi Skirts, Blazers and Button-Downs
Office Ready in a Smart Outfit
Look 3: Blouses, Blazers, Jeans and Shoes
Blazer and Jeans Combo for a Glamorous Look
Look 4: Dresses, Turtlenecks and Pumps
Look Smart in a Dress Paired with Turtleneck
Look 5: Button-Downs, Skirts, Blazers and Pumps
Skirt and Button Down for a Classy Look