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Ditch Your Laptop Bags for These Workplace-Friendly Totes
By Modalist Editor
Carrying two bags to work- one your laptop bag, another your handbag, can be really annoying at times. At some point of time you might feel like ditching either one of them and go to work in a free manner. Your style statement might also take a hit for this. So, why not ditch your drab laptop bags and instead carry some stylish totes which are large enough for your laptop as well as your other essentials. Enter your workplace in style with these stylish totes and forget about the burden of carrying two bags. Here are some of the totes which you can carry to your office and maintain your style.
Oversized Totes
Oversized totes will be really spacious and you will be able to carry your laptop along with other necessities which you might have carried in your handbag. You can choose from different styles of oversized tote bags and add a stylish touch to your professional look.
Totes for a Stylish Touch to Your Professional Look
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Color Blocked Totes
Who said office style has to be boring.? Add some colors with a color blocked tote bag in place of your regular laptop bag. Choose bright contrasting colors if you are wearing a neutral work outfit. You can also put in your girly stuff in the bag and get on with your work.
Brighten Up Your Office Attire with These Totes
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Leather Totes
Leather totes add a sophisticated touch to your look. Keep away your laptop bags and put in your work related things in these long bags instead. These bags are large enough to carry all your additional important things which you might have carried in your laptop.
Leather Totes for a Sophisticated Touch
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Flap Totes
Another stylish variety of tote is the flap tote. You can opt for colorful totes with flaps and put in your important documents, laptops and other gadgets without compromising on style. You will also have place to put in your essentials from your handbag.
Make a Style Statement with Flap Totes
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