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Fall Fashion Trends 2016/17 From New York Fashion Week
By Modalist Editor
The New York Fashion Week for Fall 2016/17 is on and you will get a whole lot of idea about the upcoming fashion trends. Everything you see on the runway might not be always new. Some looks are always trendy. This fall, you will find some trends which are continuing from summer and spring. So, this fall get ready to upgrade your wardrobe and get all set for the season. Here are some fashion trends right from the runway of the New York Fashion Week.
Off-the Shoulder
Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are here to stay. Summer might be long over, but if we go by the fashion week trend, this style will continue till fall.
This fall, ruffles are a trend, be it a ruffled top, dress, shirt, jumper or even a jumpsuit. You must make it a point to add ruffles to your wardrobe collection, if you don’t own one already.
Dresses, skirts or tops in metallic hues will be the in-thing this fall. Make sure to store your closet with lots of metallic clothes and be ready to rock the fall party.
Turtlenecks under Dresses
When we are talking about fall fashion, it is obvious that turtlenecks will be on trend. Wearing them under sleeveless dresses, will give you a stylish edge over others.
Floral Dresses
Yes, you read that right! Floral dresses are no longer restricted to spring. You can now wear your favorite floral dress even during the fall.