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Fall Ideas to Wear Your Skirt with the Right Boots
By Modalist Editor
Fall means lots of layers. When done in the right way, it will look good, but if you just keep on adding layers, you will end up in a mess. There is however, one thing which is always in demand during fall- boots. You can create some serious fashion goals for others by pairing your boots with the right style of skirt. Instead of just wearing them the usual way with jeans or pants, go for skirts. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect skirt and booties combo this fall.
Mini Skirts with Knee-Length Boots
Fall doesn’t mean, you have to ditch those mini skirts. You can pair them with knee- high boots and wear a trench coat or turtleneck to fight the chill. A full-sleeve top will also work if the chill is less.
Pencil Skirt & Stiletto Boots
If you have a board meeting in the day and have a date later in the evening, you can easily rock both the looks with a combo of pencil skirt and stiletto boots. Pencil skirts in black or neutral shades add to the professional touch, whereas stiletto boots give the oomph for a date night.
Short Skirt & Ankle Boots
Ankle boots work the best with short skirts. You can change your look in an instant by wearing stylish ankle boots with your favorite short skirt. From denim skirts to leather skirts or even lace skirts, wear them with leather, velvet or suede ankle boots of your choice.
Maxi Skirt + Leather Boots
Maxi skirts can glam up or make your look casual depending on the pair of shoes you don. You can wear flowy maxi skirts or ones with high slits and pair them with leather boots to give your look an edge over others.
Floral Skirts with Suede Boots
Suede boots and floral skirts might be an odd combination but when you pair them up, it will give you a stylish edge over others. When we think about floral prints, delicate is the first word which comes to our mind. However, by pairing them with suede boots, you can lend an attitude to your entire look.