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Fashion Tips to Make a Style Statement with Skirts
By Modalist Editor
A skirt is a must-have in every woman’s closet. This piece of outfit can be worn in any occasion and can turn your look into a feminine and classic one, in an instant. Be it going for a day out with your friends or attending a black tie event, a skirt will always come in handy and also improve your style statement without much effort. You can choose from the different styles of skirts, from mini skirts, to A-lines to maxi skirts, slit skirts and more. Depending on the skirt you are wearing and the occasion, you can pair it up with tops, button downs, tees, denim shirts or bodysuits. Accessorize accordingly and get your shoes right and you are all set to rock the world. Here are some fashion tips to help you wear your skirt in the right way.
A Slit Maxi Skirt
A maxi skirt has a conventional touch to it. However, if you are up for some fun, you can buy a maxi skirt with an unconventional design. A slit wide enough to show your toned legs, could be the right choice. If you choose a white slit maxi skirt, you can pair it up with a black or dark colored top. Accessories like sunglasses and chunky watches will add to the fashion statement.
Show Off Your Pins in A Slit Skirt
A Denim Skirt
A denim skirt is the right option for you if you are going for a casual look. A skirt in dark wash will give you a sophisticated look while one in a lighter wash and distressed would give you a laid-back look. A skirt above the knees would be perfect. Don’t go for either a very short denim skirt or a long one. When paired with a top tucked inside, you will look amazing.
Look Smart in a Denim Skirt
A Mini Skirt
If you want to go club hopping, a mini skirt can be the perfect choice for you. You can either opt for a leather mini skirt and pair it with a sequinned top or go for a metallic mini skirt with a graphic tee and tuck it in. Pair it up with the right boots and you are ready to rock the dance floor. Don’t forget to put on some statement earrings for that added bling.
Look Stylish with Mini Skirts
A Midi Skirt with Flares
A midi skirt is your go-to outfit if you are looking for something which is neither too casual nor too formal. However, if you have short legs, you need to avoid midi skirts. The length should ideally reach the shin or calf. With a high waist skirt and flares at the hem of the skirt, your legs will look defined. If you opt for a dark colored skirt, a loose fitting light colored top will look best. Light jewelry adds to the glam.
A Midi Skirt for a Sophisticated Look