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Handbags That Are Perfect for a Long Flight
By Modalist Editor
You will never find a fashionista short of items which will keep her ahead in the fashion game. Whether she is attending a formal event or going for a long-haul flight, you will always find her equipped with the latest fashionable items. One of the most important thing when you are going for a long-haul flight is your handbag. Depending on your preference, you might opt for an oversized tote or even pick up a micro bag. Here are some styles of bags which you could carry while going for a long flight. From totes to satchels, pick up your preference.
If you are looking for something which is handy to carry yet helps you keep all your essentials in one place during the flight, you can opt for satchels. You can pack in all the things you want to keep with yourself while you travel. These bags work with varied outfits as well.
Satchel for a Handy & Easy Travel
Image Credit - Tinxi
For those who love to carry a mini world with them, oversized totes are the best. You can pack all the essentials, books and some more without worrying about shortage of space in your bag. Bright colored totes will look amazing if you are planning to wear simple outfit for your long journey.
Make A Comfortable Journey with Totes
Image Credit - Tinxi
Shopper Bags
If you want something simple yet spacious, shopper bags are the perfect accessories for your long flight. Like oversized totes, shopper bags are also ideal for carrying many things in one bag. You can match your bag’s color with that of your outfit to make a major fashion statement.
Make a Major Style Statement with Shopper Bag
Image Credit - DKSStyle
Micro Bags
If you like to keep things light, you can opt for micro bags instead of the large totes or shopper bags. Just the minimal basic essentials and you are all set for that flight. If you are wearing a simple single colored outfit, throw in some color with these bags.
Carry Light with Micro Bags
Image Credit - Tinxi