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How to Flaunt Floral Coats
By Modalist Editor

Floral is one trend that never seems to go out of style.  Floral is fun, flirty, and can be dressed up or super casual. Or if you prefer neutrals, you can wear darker, edgier florals.  With the winter months still lingering around, the runways have been bringing a pop of color to their winter outfits with floral jackets.  There are many ways to wear a floral jacket, and they come in so many styles. No matter your style, there is a floral jacket you will love!

Floral Blazers

Floral blazers are super popular this season, and are great for the odd, in-between time of winter and spring.  Floral blazers will make your outfit for the office feel much more fun and exciting, and they will transition from workplace wear to happy hour fun seamlessly. Wear your floral blazer with a simple white tee and leather shorts. Top that look with a colorful handbag! For a more casual look, pair your floral blazer with cuffed ripped jeans and your favorite T Shirt.

Floral Blazers
Floral Trench Coat

If you haven’t heard, trench coats are making a comeback this season. What better way to be trendy than mix and match spring’s upcoming staples? Re-image the way the classic trench coat is worn, and flaunt a floral one! A fashionable floral jacket can bring your whole outfit together.  Wherever you’re going, from breakfast, to shopping, to date night, a floral trench coat is guaranteed to look great.

Floral Trench Coat
Image Credit - By Lapina
Floral Rain Jacket

They say that April showers bring May flowers…It only makes sense that floral rain jackets are a hero wardrobe piece this spring! No longer will you dread the rainy days that spring brings or the ugly ponchos you used to have to wear to keep yourself dry. Designers are re-imaging the rain jacket to be fun, flirty, and desirable to wear….even if it isn’t raining outside! A floral rain jacket is a super cute to wear over nearly anything. From your favorite jeans and Tshirt, to your most worn Sunday best, a floral rain jacket will only enhance your style.

Floral Kimono

Finally, one of our favorite styles of floral jackets trending this season is the kimono.  Kimonos are perfect for the laying of spring and will give your cardigans a much-needed break as the weather starts to warm up.  Kimonos are light and airy and are perfect to throw over a maxi dress for brunch with the girls, aT Shirt and cuffed jeans for errands, or even over your dress for a night out.  By simply adding a floral kimono, you can make a statement while completely changing the look of your outfit.

Image Credit - By FashionStock.com