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How to Overcome a Denim Fatigue
By Modalist Editor
Denim is always a go-to outfit whenever you are confused about what to wear. However, there are times when even a complete denim fanatic would feel like foregoing their favorite outfit and wearing something different. When “denim fatigue” kicks in you can bring about a change in your style and wardrobe. You can replace your jeans with skirts, dresses, trousers and more. Here is a quick guide to help you get away from a denim rut. Revise and refresh your closet and see how different your style becomes, even it is for a few days.
A Midi Skirt
You can look equally fashionable if you wear a midi skirt instead of jeans. In winters, pair up your skirt with a trench coat. You can either wear them with knee high boots or go for pumps keep away the chill with socks if you are wearing pumps.
Look Radiant in A Midi Skirt
A Dress
A dress can be really comfortable when compared to jeans. Whether it's comfort or style you are looking for, a dress can be a wonderful substitute for a pair of jeans. You can pair it up with a scarf, high heeled pumps and a tote bag for a complete look.
Comfort and Style in a Dress
If you don’t want to go completely without pants and you are in the mood to wear a blazer, you can choose trousers instead of jeans. You can bring about a change in your look by changing your shoes. Wear boots for work, high heels for dinner and sneakers for a comfortable weekend.
Trousers to Replace Your Jeans
When you don’t want anything to do with jeans, you can wear a pair of shorts. If you can get your hands on wool or crocheted shorts, you can wear them in winters. Long socks and loafers complete the look.
Style Statement with Leather Shorts