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How to Select Bags that Flatter your Figure
By Modalist Editor
Accentuate your overall look with the right handbags. However, if you carry just about any bag without taking your figure into consideration, it’s time for a lesson in accessories! A true fashionista will always carry the right bag which flatters her figure. The type of bag that you are going to carry will not only depend on the outfit you are wearing or the event you are carrying it to, it also depends on your figure. Just like a tote is perfect for girls with hourglass shape whereas satchels are suitable for rectangular body shape. Pick up the perfect bag and accentuate your figure and style with these valuable tips.
Bags for Hourglasses
If your waist is well defined and hips and shoulders are in balance, you have the perfect body type. Your figure is every girl’s dream and you can carry almost any types of bag without thinking twice. Just keep a check on the size of the bag you are carrying. Avoid choosing a bag too big or even small. Totes, satchels, shoulder bags, hobos and crossbody bags will be perfect.
All Bags Perfect for Hourglass Figure
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Bags for Rectangle Body Types
With same-sized waist, hips and shoulder, you possess a rectangle body type and the bags that you carry should accentuate your curves. Make sure the bag that you choose does not sit below your hips. Hobo handbags and satchels work best for these body types. You can bring attention to your waist if you keep the length of the bags above your hips.
Above Hip Length Bags for Rectangle Body Types
Image Credit - DKSStyle
Bags for Triangle Body Types
You have a triangle shaped body if your waist and hips are broader compared to your shoulders. You need to carry bags which have short straps. Shoulder bags which end way above the hips but hang slightly are perfect. Bags whose length lies between your hips and waist makes your shoulder looks broader. Pick up hobo bags or shoulder bags of the above mentioned length and you are good to go.
Short Strap Bags for Triangle Body Types
Image Credit - aniarenard
Bags for Every Body Type
There are some bags which you can carry without worrying about your body type. Evening bags and beautiful clutches work well with almost every body type. You can pair them up with dresses for an evening out with your friends, family or your partner.
Clutches for Every Body Type
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