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How to Wear Pastels in the Winter
By Modalist Editor

Powdery pinks, baby blues, and cool mints are trending, and they prove to be a great contrast to those leather pants, combat boots, and other edgy staples popular this season. Pastels also instantly lighten any mood and freshen up the last few days of winter. They also transition seamlessly into spring! What’s not to love? Incorporate these springtime shades into your wintry wardrobe mix.

Inner Layers

When it comes to working pastels into your outfits, try starting with your innermost layer. Add heavier pieces on top to balance out the soft shade. Pair pastel colors with leather pieces and stand out accessories, like a geometric earrings or pearls to toughen up the delicate hue. Another trick with starting to work your pastels into your innermost layers during winter is that you’ll be all set to shed your jackets come spring!

Layer up Fashion Trends
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The Soft Blazer

Another way to incorporate pastels into your winter wardrobe is with a blazer. Luck for all you office dwellers, a pastel blazer is still professional and can easily take your look from day to night.  It’s also a much more lively and exciting outfit touch on your work outfit.  This pastel fashion piece is definitely not too casual — but not your typical black blazer.  Happy hour straight from work, here you come.

Soft Pastel Blazers
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Cool Knitwear
Keep an eye out for heavier fabrics in pastel hues instead of light chiffon. Lighten up your dark colored, drab winter wardrobe with cool, pastel colored cashmere or wool sweaters. Additionally, the heavier make up of these tops will make these springtime shades perfect for still keeping you just warm enough in the cool months to come.
Cool Knitwear
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Jackets Galore

Every girl loves a staple fashion piece that is endlessly versatile. This season, layer up with your pastels! We suggest a leather jacket in baby blue or powdery pink.  Even a pastel colored trench coat or rain jacket. This will guarantee the perfect amount of warm while lightening up any dark, wintry outfits.  Pastel jackets will also soon transition into some of your spring hero pieces.

Jacket Trends
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