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Light Jackets to Give Spring Fashion a Twist
By Modalist Editor
Spring is here and so is the time to bring new fashion to your wardrobe. From lots of florals to bright colored outfits, spring is the time to refresh your wardrobe. You can add some edge to your outfit by throwing on some jacket. There are many light jackets which are perfect for this season. You can choose from jacquard jackets to cotton jackets. You can also go for linen coats or blazers or dress up in kimono jackets to add some more style to your look. These additional outfits will give your spring fashion a new twist.
Jacquard Jackets
With jacquard jackets, your style statement will increase manifold. You can go for ones with statement sleeves or ones with simple designs, based on the outfit you are pairing it with. For simple outfits, a nice jacket with statement sleeves will be perfect. Whereas, if you have decked up in stylish outfit a simple jacket will keep the attention on your outfit itself.
A Jacquard Jacket for Added Style
Cotton Jackets
For a fresh spring look, cotton jackets are the best option. You can put on a smart cotton jacket and change your overall look in an instant. There are even some jackets which you can wear as a top. Pair a jacket with your skirt, pant or jeans and you are all set. So, make sure your wardrobe has a cotton jacket this spring.
Style Up in a Cool Cotton Jacket
Kimono Jackets
If you don’t want to wear a full robe, you can opt for kimono jackets. If they have floral prints, it will even be better. Make the most out of your spring style with these kimono jackets. From belted ones to simple ones, you can make your pick as per your choice. Materials include satin, chiffon, silk and more.
Kimono Jackets- Perfect for Spring Style
Linen Coats/Blazers
A linen coat or blazer can give your look a formal touch. You can replace your usual formal blazer with that of a linen one and see how comfortable you feel. This season, your spring closet must have coats or blazers made of linen.
Add A Formal Touch with Linen Blazer