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Must-Have Bags for Spring 2017
By Modalist Editor
As a fashionista, it is essential to be well aware of all the fashion trends. From which outfit is trending to which shoe you should wear, you must know everything related to fashion. Same goes for bags as well. Your entire look is complete once you carry the right bag with your outfit. With new season, new bag trends are here. Make sure you learn about these trends and revamp your closet with these must-have bags. This spring you will have a new wardrobe with the trendiest bags.
Metallic Bags
Add that extra shine to your overall look with bags in metallic shades. Choose from silver, gold or even bronze colored bags. They can come in different sizes and styles which range from crossbody, shoulder bags and more. You can add bags to your closet as per your choice.
Add Some Shine with Metallic Bag
Micro Bags
This year micro bags are trending for spring. Instead of carrying a huge bag around, these micro bags are handy and can be carried around with ease. Carry some essentials and you can make a serious style statement with these micro bags.
Minimalist Style with Micro Bag
Hobo Bags
Hobo bags are just the opposite of micro bags. You might be thinking how two opposites can be trending in the same season. However, when it comes to fashion, everything can be possible. These bags are huge and you can carry all the things you want. If you are looking for a stylish yet casual look, hobo bags are the perfect accessories.
Casual Style with Hobo Bag
Bags with Drawstring
Drawstring bags are the latest in craze. You can choose from bucket bags, shoulder bags or even backpacks. You can carry a bag with drawstrings with casual wear. It will look good if you are wearing a skirt or even jeans. Avoid carrying these bags if you are going to wear a dress.
Style up with a Bag with Drawstring
Fringed Bags
These bags have always been on trend, irrespective of the season or year. Fringed bags look super stylish and are a must-have for your closet. Step out in style as you carry a fringed bag with you.
Look Super Stylish with Fringed Bag