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On Trend- Polka Dots This Summer
By Modalist Editor
Summer is officially here and you need to be right on trend. Make sure you are aware of what is in and what is out. One of the hottest trends right now on the fashion scene is polka dots. Whether you are heading out to the beach for a dip in the ocean or planning a day out with your friends, you can wear polka dots everywhere. There are various ways in which you can embrace this trend and give serious competition to other fashion forward women. Choose from polka dotted skirts to polka dotted swimsuits to dresses. You can also carry bags and wear sandals with polka dots in them. Let us have a peep into how we can wear this trend.
Polka Dots in the Beach
As you prepare to hit the beach this summer, you can make it a point to throw in some polka dots to your beach wear. You can choose from polka dotted bikini sets or go for one pieces. Pick up either colorful polka dots or monochrome ones, it's your choice. Accessories can also have polka dots on them. A tote or a sandal in polka dots can be good addition.
Beach Fun with Polka Dotted Bikini
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Pretty Polka Dots in Skirt & Top
You can look pretty in polka dotted skirts and tops. Choose satin skirts, silk tops or tulle tops and look your stylish best. You can look even better if you match it up with polka dot pumps and carry a matching crossbody bag.
Look Your Stylish Best With Polka Dot Top
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Polka Dots in Pants
If you are not much in favor of skirts, you can opt for polka dots in pants. You can choose from polka dotted jeans or cropped trousers and pair them up with tops in similar prints. Wear either sneakers or wedge sandals to complement your outfit. You can also go for footwear with polka dots in it.
Style Up in Polka Dot Pants
Image Credit - Nata Sha
Polka Dots in Dresses
Dresses can make you look sexy or pretty depending on the style you are wearing. You can opt for dresses having polka dots to be on trend. They can be colorful dresses or the normal black and white ones. A clutch with polka dots in it can match your outfit and make you look pretty.
Be on Trend with Polka Dot Dress
Image Credit - Nata Sha