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Rock the Christmas Party with These Stylish Ideas
By Modalist Editor
Christmas is approaching and it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for the party season. Start your preparations early if you want to stand out from others in the party. With lots of parties to attend, you might fall short of ideas as to what to wear. If you have some stylish ideas ready in your hand, you can dress up in different outfits every time and rock the party. Show off your style and make others jealous of you.
A Red Dress
Red is a dominant color of Christmas. When we are talking about parties, we cannot leave behind a red dress. Get yourself a maxi red dress or gown and pair it up with black pumps or high heels. If your dress has some shimmer, it will be even better. Look elegant with matching accessories and red lips. You can wear a black jacket to beat the winter chill.
Look Ravishing in Red
A Black Gown
Black is also another color which is a favorite among fashionistas. Look your sensual best in a black gown with spaghetti straps. Diamond jewelry works the best with black. Drape a stole or cape to avoid getting cold. Silver stilettos and matching clutch will complete your entire look.
Bring the Elegance in Black
Sheer Details
Sheer details in dresses, blouses or gowns add to the festive style. From sheer insets and sleeves to sheer backs and stripes, you will get a varied styles of outfits with these detailings. You can go for sheer sleeved dresses or wear tops with sheer backs if you are planning to wear jeans. Show off when you are partying indoors.
Sensual in Sheer
Cardigan and Jeans
If you are not in the mood to dress up and are attending a casual Christmas party, you can go for a designer cardigan and jeans. Choose a pair of stylish jeans and wear it with a cardigan with unique design. Wear it with a pair of ankle length or calf length boots to throw in some attitude.
Go Casual with Cardigan and Jeans