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Shoes to Wear to Skip Pedicure On the Onset of Spring
By Modalist Editor
It's time for sandals and open-toed shoes as we enjoy the spring season. However, your feet might not be ready yet for this season. That doesn’t mean that you can wear boots in spring. You can instead opt for shoes which do not require an immediate pedicure. You can wear closed toe shoes and yet be on trend for this season. From pumps to block heeled shoes, the options are plenty. You can be spring ready with these shoe styles.
High Heel Pumps
Pumps can be super stylish when worn with the right dress. You can go for a formal look with pumps. If you are going for a romantic date, red pumps will be the perfect choice. While for any formal event, you can choose black pumps. Pair them with a gown or formal dress and you are good to go.
Step Out in Style with High Heel Pumps
Image Credit - Zvonimir Atletic
Leather Mules
Leather mules or simply mules are really understated. However, they are very elegant and you can wear them to keep your feet safe yet stylish for this season. Your mules work well with trousers, shorts or even skirts. Step out in style as you add some spring to your step.
Elegance with Mules
If you are not keen on wearing flat sandals which show off your feet, you can opt for ballerina flats or espadrilles or even which will keep your feet covered. You can wear them with dresses or skirts and you will add to your style factor like never before.
Comfort & Style in Flat Pumps
Block Heeled Shoes
Closed toe block heeled shoes are for those who are not comfortable wearing either high heeled shoes or flats. These shoes are a mix of style and comfort. Get the best out of your spring shoe style with these block heeled shoes. They can work with any outfit, be it skirt, dress, jeans or even shorts.
Step Out in Style with Block Heeled Shoes