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Spend This Summer in Black & White
By Modalist Editor
Summer means you tend to wear colorful outfits and increase your fashion quotient. However, this summer you can try out something new. Monochrome is soon becoming a summer trend in 2017. You will see many fashionistas trying out these two colors in different ways. While some are wearing it from head to toe, others are adding a dash of color in the form of accessories or lower or upper wear. You can wear black and white this summer in different style. From polka dots to stripes to checks and other patterns, the choice is huge. Check out the various ways in which you can dress up in black and white this summer.
Polka Dots
Polka dotted dress, blouse, jumpsuits, swimsuits and more. You are spoilt for choices when it comes to black and white polka dotted outfits. You can look pretty in a dress or you can take a plunge in your pool or a dip in the sea in a polka dotted bikini or one-piece. Keep your accessories and shoes right and you are all set.
Pretty in Polka Dots
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Checks will give you a sophisticated look. You can opt for black and white checkered outfits this summer instead of looking for other colors. From checkered jumpsuits to dresses to blouses to skirts, you can choose from different styles of outfits. Pick up the perfect shoes, bags and accessories to complement your attire and up your fashion game.
A Sophisticated Look With Checks
Image Credit - andersphoto
If you are not game for polka dots or checks, you can try out patterned outfits in black and white. From zig zag patterns to circular patterns to other geometrical shapes, you have lots of options. A patterned outfit can give you a smart look. You can go for dresses or you can opt for trousers, skirts or even jeans. 
Look Smart with Patterned Dress
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Stripes are really a hit in the fashion scene. When it comes to black and white stripes, your look can get even more fashionable. You can wear a striped trouser or go for a striped dress. Pairing a black and white striped top with a colorful skirt can make you summer fashion ready. Show your best style with these striped outfits. 
Stylish in Stripes
Image Credit - FashionStock.com