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Step into Various Pant Styles
By Modalist Editor
The change of seasons is always a good reason to buys a new pair of pants. The more variety of pants you have in your closet, the more enriching your wardrobe will be! The spring runways are featuring beautiful pants in all different styles, from wide leg to skinny, bejeweled and embroidered to bright colors and patterns.  
Wear Bold and Bright Colors

The coming of spring also brings a promise of new life, and your wardrobe should bring your look new life too! Bold and bright colored pants are trending like crazy this season. Choose pants that suit your personal style and a color that compliments your skin tone.  Wear your bold pants with a floral or patterned shirt when you really want to make a fashion statement, or make your pants office appropriate with a white button down and black heels. Crayola bright pants are sure to be a staple that will always leave you feeling fun and confident.

Wear Bold and Bright Colors
Image Credit - By MaxFrost
Printed or Patterned Pants

Spring is all about outfits that make a statement. Why should all your tops and dresses have all the fun? Find a pair of patterned or printed pants, and start experimenting with mixing and matching patterns for a bold look. Wear your printed pants with your casual solid-colored blouses to spice up their simple look. Find pants in floral prints to fun stripes and polka dots, plaid and tweed.  Whatever your personal style, you can find patterned pants for any occasions.

Printed or Patterned Pants
Image Credit - By Azovtsev Maksym
Bejeweled or Embroidered Denim

Skinny, bootcut, or wide-leg, this season’s denim trend isn’t about which style of jeans you should wear, but it’s how they are embroidered and embellished. Designers have been revamping your everyday denim with intricately stitched designs on pants.   Bedazzled and bejeweled designs on denim have even popped up on the runway and the streets of fashion week. Wear your embroidered jeans shopping with the girls. Embroidery even dresses up your jeans enough to wear them on a night out. This is a fun way to add a little something extra to the styles of jeans you already love.

Bejeweled or embroidered denim
Image Credit - By bloom
Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg trousers are a winter/spring favorite that come in cashmere, tweed, wool, and even denim. They are an easy, comfortable fit, but can be dressy enough to be a power-piece that every woman should have in their work wardrobe.  Wear your wide leg pants to make a fashion statement on the weekends with sneakers and a T-shirt

And when you pair them with sneakers and a T-shirt, they can make a casual fashion-forward statement on the weekends. Maintain your feminine shape in wide leg pants by getting some with a distinctive high waist feature and wear them with a fitted crop top to fully embrace this trend

Wide Leg Pants
Image Credit - By Everett Collection