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Street Style from Coachella 2017 That you Can Follow
By Modalist Editor
Coachella, one of the biggest music festival is over now. The festival as expected was a stylish one along with lots of music. When it comes to street style, we saw a lot of variation. When we are talking about Coachella style, a touch of hippie style is bound to be there. We can take a lot of inspiration from these street style trends from Coachella 2017 and add to the festive feel. From maxi dresses to off shoulder tops and dresses to denim shorts, the style was varied. Check out the styles that you can follow.
Denim Shorts & Crop Top
Denim shorts were the most common piece of outfit worn by majority of the festival attendees. From distressed denim shorts to normal ones, the style was varied. Most of them were seen pairing their denim shorts with crop tops. You can either wear your denim shorts with a short top or a crop top.
Look Stylish in a Crop Top and Denim Shorts
Image Credit - Christian Bertrand
Airy Dresses
Airy dresses were also a common sight at Coachella. The hippie style of the festival was reflected through these dresses. Floral prints and maxi dresses dominated the festival scene. Fashionistas attending Coachella carried micro bags with the dresses. Keeping in trend with spring, you can revamp your wardrobe.
Airy Floral Dress
Rompers were also a favorite among the festival goers. Printed rompers, ones in single colors, different styles were present. You can get rompers for yourself and accessorize with sunglasses and bags and you are all set for your own festive fun.
Festive Fun with Rompers
Off Shoulder
Off shoulder dresses and tops were a hit when it came to Coachella street style. Keeping the shoulders bare were a must for many of the fashionistas attending the music festival. You can follow this street style and include lots of off shoulders in the form of blouses, dresses or tops.
Stay Cool in an Off Shoulder