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Style Tips for Petite Fashion Girls
By Modalist Editor
If you fall in the petite category, you might often find it difficult to dress up in anything or everything you can get your hands on. You have to worry whether the outfit will make you look even shorter. Now you can wear the best outfits which will give you an elevated look. Make sure you are aware of what to wear to avoid any big fashion blunder. Here are style tips for petite fashion girls which you can follow and give your fashion game a boost. Just remember one thing, a good fit is always necessary.
Long Cuff Tops
Right on trend, this style will take you miles ahead in the fashion race. As a petite fashion girl, you might already be following this style, even when it was not on trend. So, with long cuffed tops, you will in fact be ahead of others in the fashion race. Pair it up with a short fluffy skirt and you are all set.
Stay on Trend with Long Cuff Tops
Image Credit - Lars Anders
A-line Skirts
When choosing a skirt, make sure you are going for a mid or high waisted skirt. The best style is A-line. These skirts give your silhouette a flattering look. You do not have to worry about your height when you choose a high waisted A-line skirt. Tuck in your tops or wear a short top and go for flat pumps. 
Look Fashionable in a A-Line Skirt
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Shorts & Top
A well fitted shorts along with a stylish blouse or top can give your petite figure a stylish look. You can wear heels which will make your legs look longer. During summers, shorts are the perfect choice. If you are going to a colder place for vacation, just replace it with slim jeans. 
Style Up with Shorts
Image Credit - HUANG Zheng
Cropped Pants/Jeans
It's better to avoid shoe-grazing hemline as it will make you look shorter than your actual height which is a big no-no. So when you are thinking about wearing jeans, pants or trousers, go either way. You can choose cropped jeans or pick up something which are extra long and skim the floor. Pair these cropped pants with flat pumps or even pointed toe sandals and you are ready.
Cropped Jeans for the Petite
Image Credit - Lars Anders