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Stylize your Beach Vacation with These Accessories
By Modalist Editor
If you are going for a beach vacation to unwind and spend some time away from your busy schedule, you need to have everything set. While proper outfits are the first fashion priority, accessories are not far behind. You need to pack the right accessories for your beach vacation to complement your outfit. From straw hats to sunglasses to bags, there are a range of accessories that you must have in your vacation backpack. Turn your relaxing vacation into a fashionable one with these fashion ideas.
Sun/Straw Hat
You cannot go to the beach without proper protection from the sun  A sun hat or a straw hat is the perfect solution to this problem. You will not only have the required protection but also get a style boost with this accessory.
A Sun Hat for Style and Sun Protection
When we are talking about hats, we cannot leave behind sunglasses, which will keep your eyes safe from the harsh sunlight. These accessories also add to the cool quotient of your overall look. If the sunglasses are reflective, it will be even better.
Look Cool with Reflective Sunglasses
When it comes to bags, you need some cool looking totes which are preferably waterproof. You can put all your beach essentials as you go for a dip in the water or a stroll on the beach. You can use your essentials in the bag, as and when required.
Totes for a Stylish Beach Vacation
Flip Flops
An absolutely must for beach vacation. You cannot expect to wear high heels or pumps when you are out on a beach. These good old flip flops add to the breezy charm of the sea or ocean. Go for colorful and printed ones to draw attention to your well pedicured feet.
Flip Flops for a Breezy Vacation
Flat Sandals
While flip flops are ideal for spending a day on the beach, flat sandals are the go-to footwear if you are attending a beach-party at night or going out for dinner. If the sandals have some shine, you will have an upperhand in the fashion game.
Sandals for a Cozy Stroll Down the Beach