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The Fall 2016 Collection of Dolce & Gabbana
By Modalist Editor
As a fashionista you should always be updated about the latest fashion trends. With winters approaching, you will find designers coming out with their latest fall collections of this year. From designers like Diane von Furstenberg to Dolce & Gabbana, everyone is coming up with their own collection. Take a sneak peek into the Fall 2016 collection of Dolce & Gabbana.
Botanical Garden
This fall, you will get products which are inspired by nature. The Botanical Garden of Palermo’s trees are the inspiration behind this fall collection. You will find accessories and apparel which features banana leaf prints with finishes like sequins, embroidered insects and more. The elements of the garden seem to merge magically with each other in the prints.
Apart from the Botanical Garden, Majolica is another set of the Fall 2016 collection. These prints are inspired from the ceramics which are hand-painted. The use of vivid colors like yellow, red, green and blue and artificial leaves and flowers help in developing ornate designs. The Italian artistry has been given a tribute with the apparel collection. This can be seen in the fringes of the sleeves and hems which are hand-knotted.
#DGFamily T-Shirt
The #DGFamily collection features bags, shoes, tunics, tank tops, T-shirts and mini dresses. You can see patchworks on the products representing happy families.
Wonderland Knit Dress
The Wonderland collection features knitwear, dresses and bags. The collection gets its inspiration from fairy tales and the designs include prints and weaves which feature slippers, stars, cats and more.
Black Tulip Dress
The Tulip collection features tulips printed mainly on black dresses. These symbols of love can also be seen on pumps, bags and iPhone cases.
A Blue Evening Dress
The Evening collection features dresses and gowns with luxury details like sheer draping, lace edging and more. The evening dresses are made from luxury fabrics and have sensual cuts.