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The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide for Teens
By Modalist Editor
Fall is here and the fashion trends have changed with the change in season. Adults might already know what to wear and what not to, so there is no reason for teens to be left behind. Teenage girls are fashionistas in their own rights. The fashion sense they have, often rivals that of an adult. If you are a teen girl, here is your ultimate guide for fall fashion. Know the latest trends and give your closet a much needed overhaul this fall.
Collared Dress
Collared dresses are the in-thing this season. Up your fashion game with contrasting or designed collars.
Cute Sweaters
When we are talking about fall, we cannot leave behind sweaters. You can add cute sweaters to your fall wardrobe.
Ruffles are on trend this fall for every age group from adults to even teens. Pick up a ruffled top, dress or even skirt to add to your fall collection.
Printed Dress
Prints in dresses are another major trend this fall for teens. Get your style right with this trend.
Crop Tops
Even if you are able to feel the chills, there is no reason to ditch your favorite crop tops. You can pair them up trousers and layer up with cardigans.