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Tips for a Shiny Wardrobe to Match the Holiday Festivities
By Modalist Editor
Holiday season is on and so are the festivities. It's the season of parties and you have to be ready with your stylish attires. Add some bling to your wardrobe to match the party mood. You can sparkle in your next party with these style tips. Metallic shades are a big hit this year and you must not miss on this trend. Here are some shades you should have in your closet this winter.
Bronze Bling
If you want to choose something other than silver and gold, try for bronze. You can add that shine with a subtlety which you won’t get in case of gold and silver. A bronze dress will be the perfect choice for a holiday party.
Bring that Bling with Bronze
Glittering Gold
Bling and gold go hand in hand. A golden dress can turn you into a diva in an instant. Golden jewelry is always an option if you don’t want to go overboard. A golden clutch or handbag can also make heads turn in a party.
Dazzle with This Golden Shade Handbag
Sparkling Silver
Silver will add to the dazzle in your wardrobe. Get a sexy silver dress or wear some silver jewelry for a sparkling attire. You can even opt for stylish pair of silver shoes to draw attention to your feet.
Shiny Silver Feet
Mix of Metals
You can also go for a mix of different metallic shades instead of just sticking to one. A combination of bronze, silver and other sparkling shades will be the ideal choice for this party season.
Go Metallic tThis Holiday with Multiple Shades