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Tips to Get Your Style Right for an Office Holiday Party
By Modalist Editor
A holiday bash is common in majority of the work places during this season. While you can dress up in your best attire without worrying about going overboard for any casual party, you cannot do the same for an office party. You have to maintain the perfect balance between a professional and fashionable look. Make a stylish entry to your office holiday party with the right office party outfits this Christmas. Here are some style tips on getting your fashion right in your office party.
Pair a Jumpsuit with Pumps
A jumpsuit is perfect for adding that professional touch to your look. Wear matching pumps and carry a suitable bag. Proper accessories are required to enhance your look and make it party ready.
Pick Up a Jumpsuit for That Professional Look
A Shining Dress
A shining dress brings that festive feel to your style. If you think it will be too loud as an office party wear, you can don a contrasting blazer and make it appropriate for the event. Earrings can be drop earrings or studs, as per your choice.
A Little Bit of Shine for Your Office Party
A Blazer and Jeans Combo
When you are wearing jeans, you are making a casual statement. By adding a blazer, you can change it to a semi formal look, which is perfect for an office party. Go heavy on the accessories and you can rock the party.
Jeans and Blazer for A Subtle Look
Pair up a Maxi Dress/Skirt with Coat
A coat and maxi dress/skirt might not be your staple formal look. However, when you are in a holiday mood and ready to celebrate with your co-workers, you can take that liberty to walk the unconventional path. 
A Maxi Dress/Skirt for A Casual Touch To the Party