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Top Trends to Watch for this Spring and Summer
By Modalist Editor

Spring of 2018 is bringing some fun fashion trends your way! The coming of spring means the world around us is coming back to life, and that includes your wardrobe. You’ll have fun with your outfits as the snow begins to melt. The trends coming your way are stand out and exciting and range from trench coats to Crayola bright colors, extra texture and pencil skirts.

Trench Dressing
When you think of trench coats, you’ll no longer picture a detective or a frumpy rain jacket. This spring, designers are reimaging the ways you’ll wear a trench coat. Get ready to see coats featuring designer fringe, embroidery, corsets and layering in all sorts of unexpected ways. Keep the rain away in style this spring and start looking for a trench coat for your personal style preference 
Designer Trench Coats for Spring
Image Credit - Nata Sha
Brighten up your Wardrobe

Bring your wardrobe to life this spring with Crayola bright colors. Start putting away the dark colors of fall because this primary color palette is coming in hot and celebrates fashion’s power to generate confidence and fun. Adopt this look from head to toe, mixing and matching bright colors to create a unique look, or work colors in slowly with some lively canary yellow heels or a magenta hand bag. Take the plunge into color this spring. Be bold and just be you!

Brighten up your Wardrobe
Image Credit - aniarenard
Power of the Pencil skirt

The 50’s wardrobe staple is making a comeback this spring. The pencil skirt is being seen on runways worldwide. No longer will you dread wearing a boring pencil skirt to work on Mondays, but you’ll be seeing them featuring unique patterns, textures, and colors! Now these are fashion pieces you can wear anywhere! With the coming of spring, you’ll be wearing pencil skirts to brunch, on dates, even with your everyday outfits.  Get ready to show off your curves with the power of the pencil skirt.

Power of the Pencil skirt
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Fashion in Feathers

Designers are fussing over all the trimmings for spring.  As it starts to warm up, you’ll be seeing fashion with a little extra texture, featuring fringe, frills, and feathers. The runways have seen feathers sprouting from shoes and collars to fringe covered skirts and dresses. This is the time to pour out your personality in your style. Start by subtly adding a tasseled accessory or shoe to your outfit. Then work your way up to a big statement piece. By June you just might be ready for a pom-pom inspired designer ensemble!

Fashion in Feathers
Image Credit - andersphoto