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Types of Swimsuits to Suit Every Body Type
By Modalist Editor
Summer means a lot of outings to the beach and even more splashing in the water. So, you have to be equipped with all your swim gear. From swimsuits to cover ups to towels, you have to be cover all the bases. If you have a figure to flaunt, you can pick up any swimsuit and still look sexy. But everybody does not have a perfect figure. That doesn’t mean they have to sit at home this summer. There are swimsuits which can flatter every body type. So, whether you are a petite woman or a plus sized or an hourglass, you can flaunt your figure in these swimsuits without giving a second thought. You can look your best as you splash in the water and have fun while cooling down yourself.
Vertical Striped Swimsuit
A swimsuit with vertical stripes will give an appearance of a long-shape. If you wear thinner stripes, it will flatter your figure even more. You can either go for a bikini or even a one-piece. Slather lots of sunscreen and you are all set to hit the beaches.
Flatter your Figure in a Vertical Striped Swimsuit
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Nude Colored Swimsuit
With a swimsuit which matches your skin tone, your glowing tan will be highlighted. You will look sexier with a nude colored swimwear. Pick up a swimsuit style in which you are comfortable in. You can go for a retro style bikini or a halter-top or any other style.
Look Sexy in a Nude Colored Swimsuit
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
A Scoop-Back One-Piece
If you want to have an upright frame, you must choose a scoop back one-piece. This swimsuit will bring focus on your back and shoulders, thereby providing a nice posture. Go for some bold colors or colors which suit you the best. If you are petite and want to give an impression of long legs, pick up a swimwear which has a high cut at the hips.
A Scoop-Back One-piece for a Glam Gait
Image Credit - Ovidiu Hrubaru
A High-Leg Bikini
A high-leg bikini in black will make you look slim and your legs look long. The cut of the bikini should be such that it flatters your thighs’ shape. So, flaunt your figure in a monochrome high-leg bikini and hit the beach.
Look Slim in a Monochrome Bikini
Image Credit - Marina Tatarenko