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What are The Hottest Pieces of Summer This Year?
By Modalist Editor
Summer is here. This means it's time to give your wardrobe a refresh with the outfits that are trending lately. From famous fashion bloggers to celebrities, you can find some common trends that are hot this season. You can catch up on these trends and take yourself ahead in the fashion game race. This summer, some of the best outfits that are really on demand include chambray dresses, graphic tees, floral bikini tops, cutout gowns and more. If you are going for any formal event, you can dress up in a cutout gown. Whereas a day out with friends can be done in graphic tees and jeans. Choose your outfit as per your choice and set temperatures soaring.
Cutout Gowns
If an elegant look is what you are searching for, you should shop for flowing dresses and gowns. A cutout gown will give you the right mix of elegance and a sexy look. Show some skin with a slit in the thigh or cutouts in the waist of the gown and be at your sensual best. The length and cut of the gown will give you an elegant touch. Add the right accessories and you are all set for the summer night party.
Show Some Skin in Cutout Gowns
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Floral Bikini Tops
You are going to hit the beach and have fun in the water in this season. So, it's natural that you will need some good swimwear. A beach party might also be on the cards. To attend such a party, you can wear a floral bikini top and pair it with shorts. Bring on the vibrancy and fun with these floral bikini tops and enjoy your time relaxing in the beach. Sip on some cool cocktails, enjoy the breeze and score on the fashion meter.
Hit the Beach in a Floral Bikini Top
Image Credit - Ovidiu Hrubaru
Chambray Dresses
Breathe easy this summer with chambray dresses. These lightweight dresses are a must-have this season. You can go for a day out in the sun in these cool dresses and still look your stylish best. Make sure you wear the right footwear and accessories to add the perfect finishing touch to your overall look. Flat lace up sandals, a shoulder bag, a hat and a pair of sunglasses will do the trick.
Breathe Easy in a Chambray Dress
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Graphic Tees
Graphic tees spell casual like none other outfit. You just need to pair your graphic tee with your favorite pair of distressed jeans or beat the summer heat with shorts. Go out with your friends and have fun in this cool and comfortable outfit. Ballerina flats, comfortable slip-ons or even sneakers can work wonders. A large tote will work fine with your outfit.
Go Casual in A Graphic Tee
Image Credit - Gordana Sermek