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What Colors to Wear in Christmas, Other Than Red
By Modalist Editor
When we talk about Christmas, the dominant color that comes to our mind is red. We decorate our houses and also dress up in red. So, why not try something different this year! You can choose other colors as a part of your Christmas fashion. Brighten up your party in varied colors, instead of just sticking to the traditional color. Take a look how you can stand out from the rest with these different colors.
All That Blue
Blue is one color which will make you look bright even on a dull winter day. Perk up your day by dressing up in blue.
Beauty in Blue
Go Traditional with Green
You can ditch red, for another dominant color of Christmas, green. Pick up a green dress and accessorize with proper jewelry and you are ready to rock the party.
Gorgeous in Green
Shine in Silver
When it’s party season, it's time for some shimmer. You can decorate your house in silver as well as give yourself a dazzling makeover in a magnificent dress.
Look Sexy in Silver
Glitter in Golden
When we are talking about shimmer, can golden be left behind! You can add a lot of glamor to your fashion by dressing up in a golden dress. Look your gorgeous best.
Entice in a Golden Dress
Wintry White
If you want to look elegant, white is the color for you. A long white flowing gown will be synonymous with the snow falling outside.
Elegant in White