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What Not to Wear If You Want A Stylish Look
By Modalist Editor

Making a style statement is a priority for every fashion girl. You would not like to get caught in any situation where you are not at your fashionable best. For that you must keep yourself  updated about latest fashion trends. It is not only essential to know about the fashion pieces that should be in your closet but also have an idea about what not to have. You need to get rid of the pieces which are no longer considered as fashionable. From extremely distressed jeans to those uncomfortable shoes, you must clean your wardrobe free of these items. Check out some other items which should not be in your closet.

Extremely Distressed Jeans
Jeans which are extremely distressed should be ditched. They are too casual and do not have that fashionable feel to them. Instead you can go for jeans which are slightly frayed and give a stylish edge to your outfit. These are comfortable to wear and look good when paired with stylish tees, button downs or blouses.
Distressed Jeans
Image Credit - andersphoto
Bodycon Dresses

Once a fashion hit, bodycon dresses are no longer in trend. You would not want to look out of place by wearing something non-trendy. Body skimming dresses are a good alternative to these dresses. Long hemlines, refreshing prints, elegant necklines and more make these dresses a must-have.

Bodycon Dress
Image Credit - Nata Sha
Uncomfortable Shoes
Ditch those pointed high heels which will make your feet uncomfortable. Instead opt for flats or kitten heels which are stylish as well as comfortable. You can step out in style in these shoes and pair them with any outfit, be it jeans, dresses or skirts.
Comfortable Walking Heels
Image Credit - FashionStock.com
Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are passe. They are unflattering and do nothing to your style statement. Instead carry large tote bags to work and give your fashion quotient a boost. These bags are handy and you will be able to keep all your essentials in one place. Choose from leather totes to canvas totes.

Laptop Bags
Image Credit - FashionStock.com