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What to Pack for a Summer Holiday
By Modalist Editor
A holiday gives you a much needed break from your hectic life and planning one in summer requires some effort. Once the place and accommodation are fixed, your next plan is to make a packing list. You need to be well prepared so that you look your best when you are on a vacation. Making a list is essential so that you don’t forget anything. You might also be in a dilemma what to pack and what to leave. Your packing process can be a stress free one as we help you with the basic essentials that you must pack to have a chic vacation. Here are some things that you should put in your luggage first as you get ready for a summer holiday.
Sexy Tops
Irrespective of the place you are vacationing in, there are certain things which should always be there in your luggage. Stylish outfits are a must. Tops which can improve your fashion quotient in an instant should be packed. Do not put in tops which you might have worn only once. Wear them with shorts or jeans and you are good to go.
Get a Holiday Fashion Boost with Sexy Tops
Image Credit - TonyV3112
Comfortable Shorts
A summer trip means you can show lots of leg and what better than shorts! You can either wear the conventional denim shorts or you can go for comfortable ones like khaki shorts or cotton shorts which will keep the heat at bay and also lend oodles of style to your overall look. Pair them up with off-the-shoulder tops or shirts with tails tied up into a knot to give a casual look.
Show off your Pins with Shorts
Image Credit - aniarenard
Sexy Swimsuit
If you are heading to the beach or going on a vacation to enjoy the sun, a swimsuit is a must have. You can go for one pieces, cutout bikinis or tie side bikini bottoms or swimwear in any other style. Make sure you have adequate number of swimwear so that you can splash in the water or soak up some sun as much as you want.
Look Sexy in a Bikini
Image Credit - Alexey Lesik
Stylish Sunglasses
As you step out in the sun, you cannot forget your sunglasses. Keep your eyes safe and up your fashion quotient with these eyewear. Pick up different styles from Aviators to Wayfarers.  If you have sunglasses complementing your outfit, it will be even better. So make sure you pack those sunnies as you set out for a vacation.
Sunglasses for a Stylish Look
Image Credit - andersphoto
Protective Sunhats
Another essential when you are on a holiday during the summer season. As you keep your eyes cool, you also need to keep your head cool with all the sun shining above. Make your style even better with these wide brimmed sunhats. Mostly made of straw, you can pick up a few in different colors. You can also wear them even you are planning for a day out in the city.
Keep Your Head Cool with Sunhat