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What to Wear to Work This Summer
By Modalist Editor
As we move into summer, you need to change your style to suit the rising temperature. When it comes to workwear, it becomes difficult to find variety. While in winters you can layer up and make your outfit fashionable, the same cannot be said for summer. So, you need to plan your outfit to maintain your style. You can add some colors or you can go monochrome. Your workwear should be a mix of dresses, trousers, skirts and tops to avoid monotony. Accessorize them with proper sandals to give your outfit a much needed finishing touch. You should also give attention to the bag you are carrying. Here are some outfits that you can wear to work this season.
Stylish Dresses
A dress can be very effective in improving your fashion quotient. You can choose a dress in a stylish cut. It can be a sheath dress or have a bit of a flare at the hem. Make sure the fabric of the dress keeps you cool even during the hot months. Choose a white dress or a colored one based on your choice.
High on Fashion with A Stylish Dress
Image Credit - andersphoto
Fashionable Tops
A fashionable top can make heads turn as you enter your workplace. You can either pair it up with a skirt or trousers. You can go for a button down or a blouse. A button down will look best with trousers while a blouse will do wonders when paired with a pencil skirt. Don’t forget to carry a medium sized tote and wear pumps to complete your look.
Make Heads Turn with Striped Top
Image Credit - Lars Anders
Cool Trousers
Trousers add a serious touch to your formal wear. You can pick up different styles of trousers based on your mood and the outfit you are going to pair it up with. Pick up from slim fit trousers to flared ones. A shirt will be perfect when paired with a slim fit trouser whereas a loose fitting blouse goes well with wide leg trousers.
Formal Look with Trousers
Image Credit - andersphoto
Summer Friendly Shoes
Your footwear plays an important role in making your work outfit even more stylish. You can bring a variation in your footwear with sandals, pumps, wedges, high heels and platform heels. Wear them to complement your outfit and see the spring in your step. A right footwear can boost your confidence extensively.
Get a Spring in Your Step with High Heels
Image Credit - DKSStyle